whats up this your girl ashley hope your enjoying my site. if your not than keep looking around for and read some of my funniest stories about me parting.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Saturday, April 01, 2006

one time i had a bunch of buddies over and my parents showed up and my friend thought he would get in trouble for being there without parents so he hide in the shower and my dad had to take a shit and he had a upset stomach and it was pretty bad and my friend ran out of there and into my room and was like that is by far the worst smell ive ever smelt before.

one time i was wearing a mini skirt and it had no shorts underneath of it and i went to visit this guy i hadnt seen in over a year cuz he was in the army and when i walked up to him, he pick me up and swung me around by my feet and i happened to be wearing a supergirl thing and all of his guy friends seen my bare ass. so thats how i got my nickname supergirl.

another time i was drinking alot and i had went to this guys house and there was a bunch of people up at this bank having a party and me and my friends were throwing eggs at there car and i went to go run from them when these people were chasing us and i tripped over a light stick, sticking out of the ground and i had a big welt.

on september 4&5 2005 at about 9pm to 5 in the morning i was partying at this park and i was fucked up on pot and alcohol plus i was on my medicine which was meth and i could have sworn that i seen little purple fairies and i tought i seen a monkey on my friends head and then later i went streaking and then i went to juvie cuz i got caught but now im off probation.

when the cops had me in the car i was like oink oink oink "hey mr. piggy" "want some bacon?" and i got in more trouble then they were trying to put this big bright light in my eyes and then i got in trouble for assaulting a cop cuz i hit him in his nuts. ik also got in trouble for buglary from the school consession stand but hey i had the munchies.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

welcome bitch

welcome to my playboy mashion site. if you like britney spears than this is the right site for you. ive got plenty of britney pics for you to see. my name is ashley im hott, sexy and beautiful there are also some hot pics of me too. but dont get to aroused of my pics lol j/k.